Video Edit Certification

man sitting at video editing bay

This class is an introduction to video editing. Students will receive an overview of the program, learn best practices for project setup, how to import media, timeline navigation, audio mixing, basic titling and effects, and final program export. The class is offered in two 2-hour sessions. Students will complete a sample video program and also receive certification to use DCM's edit lab and edit bays.  Class participants must abide by COVID-19 guidelines by maintaining appropriate social distance and wearing a face covering during class.

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Training Outline

  1. General guidelines; security, access, crew, policies  (15 minutes)
  2. Software overview, codecs, render (2 hour & 45 minutes)
    1. Folder structure
    2. Importing files
    3. Working in timeline (tools)
    4. Audio (keyframes)
    5. Basic color grading for broadcast
    6. Basic effects
    7. Titling
    8. Exporting final project


  • Exercise: A mock edit of a short piece (1 hour)

Become a Producer

To sign up for a training, you must first be registered as a producer. Group registrations are not allowed, each producer must login and register for themselves.