Denver Community Media policies are managed by the Community Media Access Coordinator. These resources below will help members successfully navigate our processes. For questions about these guidelines and policies, please contact us here.

Values & Principles

Denver Community Media is non-commercial and aims to empower the public by providing access to media creation tools and distribution channels. We are committed to serving Denver and Colorado residents, as well as community-based organizations. We believe in inclusivity, diversity and mutual respect. Through this access we seek to facilitate a diversity of viewpoints and opinions in a respectful environment that can help foster an engaged and impactful media expression. Denver Community Media aims to operate as a place of learning, engagement and creativity.

Address Verification/Proof of Residency

To be a part of Denver Community Media’s many services, producers will need to complete a membership registration.

This registration will ask for basic information such as a current street address. When a producer registers and attends our new member orientation class, they will need to provide documentation matching the street address provided on the membership registration form.  Denver Community Media will not retain copies of this address verification information but will keep the address on file in the member database. Producers agree to notify Denver Community Media of any change of address and provide verification for this new residence.

There are many ways a producer can confirm their street address. Some of the information that can be used include:

  • State-issued driver’s license
  • State-issued photo ID card
  • State-issued benefit assistance card with photo and address
  • Other state or federal issued statements you wish to show for street address verification purposes

A producer can also bring in address verification documentation in the form of a prior month’s billing statement from any of these providers:

  • Cable, utility, cell phone, credit card, student loan, rent, retirement plan.
  • Vehicle or other types of Colorado registration.
Reservations & Cancellations

To help producers make the best use of facilities and equipment, producers will be offered orientation/training classes. These classes are required prior to use of any facility or equipment.

Once a producer completes training in a specific category, they are certified and can begin making facility and equipment reservations.

Field and editing equipment reservations may be made up to thirty days in advance and used for the allotted time specified on the reservation form for each equipment type.

Denver Community Media reserves the right to cancel reservations due to emergency situations. In the rare event that a cancellation is necessary, Denver Community Media will make every reasonable effort to reschedule the reservation or assist in making other arrangements with existing partners if possible.

Reservations may conveniently be made online here or by calling 720-865-2324, or emailing .

Same Day Reservations:

  • Same-day reservations can be made for field equipment or editing facilities on a resource available basis.
  • Same-day reservations are available for field equipment during regular operation hours Tuesday – Friday, 12 p.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m..

Please note that Denver Community Media cannot guarantee the types and quantity of equipment that will be on hand. Please plan your projects and resource usage with this in mind.


Equipment Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours prior to reservation.

To cancel a reservation:

Privacy Policy

Denver Community Media is committed to protecting your individual privacy and securing your personal information made available to us. Personal information submitted voluntarily to us through online web forms, email subscriptions and messages, or through interactive web-based applications will be used to respond to your message and to help us respond to your requests. DCM does not sell, rent, exchange, or otherwise disclose information we collect to outside organizations or persons not associated with Denver Community Media.

This information is not reported or used in any manner that would reveal personally identifiable information without your permission, and will not be released to any outside parties unless we are legally required to do so.

In some instances, we may host content on a third-party site. Your activity on those third-party sites is governed by the security and privacy policies of the third party sites.

Certain web-based applications or features on require users to create an account in order to access full functionality or restricted areas of the site. Account creation requires users to provide a valid email address and a first and last name. We use this information to communicate with you and to identify content you create or request with the account.

Denver Community Media may link to websites created and maintained by other public and/or private organizations. We provide these links as a service to our users at our discretion. When you follow a link to an external site, you are leaving and are no longer subject to our privacy and security policies, but those of the externally hosted website. Denver Community Media does not endorse any external site, the views they express, or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of information contained in an externally linked site.

We take several precautions to protect our site, including information collected by our site or voluntarily submitted to We utilize industry standard technology practices and technical controls to protect your information and the integrity of our site. For example, we encrypt the transfer of personal information over the Internet via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), using firewalls and intrusion detection systems to safeguard your personal information. Our controls also include, but are not limited to, maintaining strict technical procedures to ensure the integrity of systems and data on We routinely review our processes and systems to verify compliance with industry best practices and the highest level of security standards.

Producer/Crew Requirements & Responsibilities

To help producers make the best use of any equipment or facility, producers will be offered orientation/training classes. Producers and crew must be certified for the facility and equipment being used by any individual or group. Individuals must complete orientation and certification classes before checking out equipment or utilizing equipment within a facility.

Denver Community Media reserves the right to refuse the fulfillment of a reservation if it is determined that the individual is in any way unable to properly utilize the equipment, regardless of the producer’s certification status.

Producers are legally and financially responsible for all Denver Community Media equipment while in their possession or use. Before taking any equipment from Denver Community Media, a producer has the option to either inspect each piece of equipment to ensure functionality or sign a waiver indicating a decline of such an inspection.

All reservation requests are assigned to Denver Community Media staff for coordination with the user. This staff person will serve as the facility point person for the reservation. While member-producers will use the equipment for creating content, Denver Community Media staff members cannot shoot, edit, direct or act as a crew member on any community access production unless the member is participating in the DCM apprentice program.

Should equipment not be returned in a timely manner, Denver Community Media reserves the right to explore all options necessary to recover equipment and or the cost of that equipment in the event that reserved equipment is lost or returned damaged.

Producers must supply their own recording media for any productions, such as external storage, SD cards or otherwise. Denver Community Media will not sell or lend hard drives.

Programming Policies

A membership to Denver Community Media is necessary to submit content for air. For every content submission, Denver Community Media also needs a signed and completed submission form.

Priorities for broadcasting are based on date of submission. Denver Community Media will establish a broadcast schedule in a non-discriminatory manner, taking into account fairness, organizational and channel needs, and ensuring no one person or group monopolizes channel time. Denver Community Media will also consider total running time as well as channel availability.

On occasion, Denver Community Media will make a decision regarding scheduling in order to provide access to new users and give exposure to stand-alone submissions. While Denver Community Media cannot guarantee dates and times for broadcast, Producers may request certain days and times for their programming to air. Denver Community Media will prioritize these requests, while working with the full guidelines outlined above.

Denver Community Media will support all forms of expression on cable television in accordance with FCC regulations and other relevant laws. Therefore, Denver Community Media will ask producers to identify if the submission contains adult content as defined by the FCC online at Such identified programming will air between 10:30 p.m. until 5 a.m.

Any schedule conflicts will be announced to Producers via email notification.

Producers may submit their content via common file transfer services: Hightail, Wetransfer, etc. Producers may also share links from cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Please send share requests to An alternate method may be to drop off an external drive to our location during normal DCM business hours. The programs will be transferred at a later time and the media will then be made available for a return to the Producer, by arranging a pick-up time for the external drive. DCM does not accept links to streaming services (Youtube, Vimeo, etc,), DVDs or videotape.

Denver Community Media will not pre-screen the content of any submitted program(s), but may view portions of a show to ensure that technical standards are met.

Denver Community Media reserves the right to reject any program that does not meet minimum technical standards outlined on the Programming Request and Agreement form. Should the submission not meet technical requirements, Denver Community Media will notify the producer of the reason the submission could not be accepted.

All producers are encouraged to promote their programs.

Programming Rights

Denver Community Media producers may submit their individual or group media projects for distribution on the Denver Community Media channels. Other distributions of the media content may be made by the project producer(s).

Each submitted project needs to have a corresponding, signed agreement by the program producer(s) to permit Denver Community Media use of the material on the channel and attest to their own producer responsibilities.

Production Policies

To use production equipment, a certified producer will prepare a simple proposal for a production and return it to the Community Media Access Coordinator. The proposal will receive a project ID, which will be used as reference during equipment reservation. The producer will choose their anticipated date for project completion at the time of project proposal.

A producer may begin making equipment and facility reservations once they are certified to use the equipment/facility and a project ID has been assigned to them by Denver Community Media.

The producer will be entitled to reserve certain facilities within a standard range per program proposal:

Editing Reservations Per Program

  • Maximum of 40 hours of incremental equipment check out, or three, 24-hour check outs per program title.

Field Equipment Reservations Per Program

  • Maximum of 32 hours of incremental equipment check out, or four (4), 24-hour check outs per program title.

Equipment Guidelines

  • Equipment use will be logged on a per project basis towards standard project allotments (above).
  • Producers will supply their own recording media in the form of external storage drives or cards. DCM does not sell or loan any recording media.
  • Producers will save their content onto their own storage devices and should not save content onto Denver Community Media local drives. Producer media saved onto Denver Community Media hard drives may be deleted. Producers are permitted to temporarily download media on editing laptops but cannot install software or other applications onto Denver Community Media editing equipment. It is advised that all Community Producers log out of social media accounts accessed on DCM equipment.

Studio Reservations

  • A Studio facility is currently unavailable. DCM is exploring partnerships to create additional studio access and multiple-camera field production opportunities.

Contact with any questions about this process.

Producers must agree to "Equipment Rental Agreement".

Denver Community Media Equipment and Facility Policy – Commercial Use

Denver Community Media assets, including any equipment and facilities, cannot be used for private financial gain or commercial purposes.  Assets may not be used to promote any commercial product, service or business, and may not be used for a direct call to action. This prohibition includes content intended for broadcast on community media access channels as well as content intended for other uses.

Denver Community Media producers cannot accept payment as crew members or producers volunteering on member productions. Guests on programs are not required under any circumstances to pay fees to appear, nor are they required to make donations or contributions in connection with any program. These are considered commercial practices.

Failure to observe this policy is a violation of the policies and procedures and may result in the permanent suspension of member privileges.

Producer Sponsorships & Channel Time

Denver Community Media accepts community-driven content from producers but cannot accept content that is commercial in nature or that promotes commercial products or services.

Producers may seek support for their programs through sponsorship or underwriting. Acceptable methods follow the PBS model of sponsorship and underwriting and messages which do not instill a call to action.

Time on the community access channels is available to DCM members free of charge. Sponsors are prohibited from receiving compensation from individuals in exchange for appearing on a public access channel. Channel time may not be bartered or sold.

Code of Conduct

Denver Community Media staff is responsible for the safe and proper utilization of the facilities and equipment. All visitors to Denver Community Media facilities are required to check in. The facilities are being made available for appointments, checking out equipment, or attending a Denver Community Media class, shoot or event. All facility users and guests use Denver Community Media facilities or services and equipment at your own risk.

We ask that all Denver Community Media community Producers refrain from or allowing the following behaviors while at our facilities:

  • Bringing pets or other non-service animals to the facility
  • Attendance by persons under the age of 18 years to the facility, unless supervised
  • Possessing food or beverages in any restricted areas
  • Using or dispensing of marijuana within premises
  • Using or dispensing of alcohol within premises
  • Using or dispensing of any illegal substance within the premises
  • Possession of any weapon, explosive, or other dangerous material
  • Conduct, intentional or unintentional, that could or does result in physical injury to others and/or destruction of property
  • Theft or attempted theft of personal belonging, supplies or equipment
  • Entering or attempting to enter locked offices, areas, or records, and/or unauthorized use of any office, computers, or other equipment
  • Physical violence, or the threat of physical violence
  • Activities or conduct which disrupt the activities or operations of Denver Community Media or the ability of others to conduct business
  • Harassment, including sexual harassment, of any employee, user, or guest
  • Activities that may result in unsafe or unsanitary conditions
  • Any other inappropriate behavior as determined by Denver Community Media at its sole discretion, including interactions with staff and other community members.
Disciplinary Actions & Appeals

Denver Community Media polices included in this document are essential to promote smooth and sustainable business practices. Policies not honored and followed by producers could result in Denver Community Media reducing or eliminating equipment and services available to those individuals.

Individuals who wish to appeal disciplinary decisions resulting from violations of Denver Community Media policies may submit an appeal to the Community Media Access Coordinator. This must occur within thirty days of the decision.

For cases involving Denver Community Media partner facilities, submit requests, in writing, to the Community Media Access Coordinator, who will consult with the Program Manager.

  • The Community Media Access Coordinator will seek to respond to the appeal within forty-five days. Any restrictions will remain in effect pending the outcome of an appeal.
  • An individual who wishes to appeal the decision of a Program Manager, may write to the Director of Marketing and Media Services within thirty days of the Director's decision.
  • The Director will aim to respond within forty-five days.
  • The Director's decision is final.

Denver Community Media's facilities are currently provided in the heart of Denver's Civic Center, where parking is limited and at a premium. For individuals arriving for appointments, training or equipment check-out, Civic Center is readily accessible via public transit and car share/taxi services. There are also numerous garage and surface lot options for private vehicles within easy walking distance, at a cost per site.

Accessibility Accommodations

It is Denver Community Media’s policy to provide reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. If you require reasonable accommodations when visiting the Denver Community Media offices, please contact the Community Media Access Coordinator at (720) 865-2324 or by email at