Introduction to Video Editing

Price Registered Members Only
Duration 4 Hours

Two, 2-Hour sessions offered | Maximum 4 people (COVID Restriction)

Intro to Editing is offered in two- 2 hour sessions. Class participants must abide by COVID-19 guidelines by maintaining appropriate social distance and wearing a face covering during class.

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Training Outline

  1. General guidelines; security, access, crew, policies  (15 minutes)
  2. Software overview, codecs, render (2 hour & 45 minutes)
    1. Folder structure
    2. Importing files
    3. Working in timeline (tools)
    4. Audio (keyframes)
    5. Basic color grading for broadcast
    6. Basic effects
    7. Titling
    8. Exporting final project


  • Exercise: A mock edit of a short piece (1 hour)

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