To build and strengthen community through media by providing and safeguarding affordable access to tools, training and a creative space, to enable free expression and digital equity.


An inclusive media landscape that fosters dynamic interaction and produces a wealth of diverse, quality content.

Denver Community Media is a program for passionate, community-minded individuals that want an outlet for creative expression. Denver Community Media is an affordable multimedia one-stop-shop so you are empowered to share content because only Denver Community Media gives you inclusive, access to media training, tools and a platform in a centrally located, collaborative space.

Denver Community Media is a blueprint for the future of accessible media production and programming. This inclusive project keeps multimedia content creation in the hands of the community. Denver Community Media serves the residents of Denver, our greater metro area and Colorado neighbors.    

Denver Community Media is owned and operated by the City and County of Denver.  This program is a product of the city’s effort to modernize its public access model. By building a more sustainable foundation for the delivery of multimedia educational and production opportunities to the community, the city is safeguarding access to tools that help people tell their stories in a rapidly evolving media and technology landscape. With the launch of Denver Community Media, the city is formalizing its efforts to build a new program that offers a permanent home for media access, as well as expanded partnerships that will bring new educational and professional opportunities. 

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Denver Community Media
2101 Arapahoe Street, Unit 1
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