Community Media Center Process & Policies

Denver Community Media policies are in place to help provide consistency, accountability, efficiency, and clarity to our members. The resources below will help members successfully navigate our program. For questions about DCM policies, please contact us here.

Values & Principles

Denver Community Media is non-commercial and aims to empower the public by providing access to media creation tools and distribution channels. We are committed to serving Denver and Colorado residents, as well as community-based organizations. We believe in inclusivity, diversity and mutual respect. Through this access we seek to facilitate a diversity of viewpoints and opinions in a respectful environment that can help foster an engaged and impactful media expression. Denver Community Media aims to operate as a place of learning, engagement and creativity.

The Membership Process

The Membership Process:

Step 1: To become a member of Denver Community Media and access the services we provide, producers will first need to sign the DCM Membership Agreement.

Step 2: Producers create a member profile. Click on the link to "Sign In/Up" to create a member profile.  This registration will ask for basic information such as first name, last name, phone number, current street address, email address, and gender.  

Step 3: Orientation is the final step in the member registration process. Register for an Orientation to receive your badge and welcome packet. Members can view upcoming Orientation classes and register via their new member profile.

Step 4: Buzz the DCM doorbell and enter the zone. Once Orientation is complete, members will have access to the DCM workspaces and edit lab computers.  Drop-in to edit anytime, all the time (during operating hours of course). Please note, this does not include our Edit Bay E and Edit Bay F which you will still need to reserve online.

Step 5: Take the class to reserve the resource! To help producers make the best use of facilities and equipment and ensure the longevity and safe operation of the media tools available, member producers will be required to take any applicable certification classes prior to use of facility or equipment. 

All courses are kept to a 3-4 hour duration to make them affordable and accessible to all. Once members complete the applicable class, they are welcome to reserve the corresponding equipment. Education and skill development continues as members come onsite to continue learning through hands on experiences and DCM mentorship time (included in membership).

Right of Refusal:

Denver Community Media staff reserve the right to refuse any reservation, regardless of the producer or crew member’s certification status.  Reasons for refusal may include but are not limited to: if staff reasonably determine that the producer or crew member is in any way unable or incapable of correctly using or handling the equipment; if the member has violated DCM policies; if the member has violated the DCM code of conduct.

Guest Policy:

Members are responsible for their invitees, including self, crew members, talent, guests, etc. Member agrees that they will be responsible for their invitee’s behavior and will ensure that their invitees comply with all DCM policies, as amended.  If Members or their invitees do not comply with DCM or City policies and/or code of conduct, as amended, their membership may be suspended or terminated, and they and their invitees may be asked to leave DCM facilities.

If one Organizational Member does not comply with DCM or City policies, as amended, the entire Organization will be held responsible.

No refunds will be given for unused membership time.

External Media Storage:

Producers must supply their own recording media for any productions, such as external storage, SD cards, or otherwise. Denver Community Media will not sell or lend hard drives. For more information, please review our Media Storage Policy under Production Criteria.

Member Producer Responsibility:

Producers are legally and financially responsible for all Denver Community Media equipment while in their possession or use. Before taking any equipment from Denver Community Media, DCM staff and the producer will complete an Equipment Check-out Form, which includes an opportunity to inspect the equipment.

All reservation requests are directed to DCM production staff for coordination with the member. This staff person will serve as the point person for the reservation. To learn more about the reservation process and policies, please review the Reservations and Cancelations Policy here.

Members will use the equipment for creating non-commercial content only.

DCM staff are not crew and cannot shoot, edit, direct, act, etc. for any member productions. Staff are available for 30 minutes into a producer's studio reservation time to help set up. After that, it's all you! Our goal is to empower you to produce content independently of staff help.

Members are expected to help with set up and take down for each studio reservation. This time should be accounted for and included when members schedule their reservation. 

Staff will be available via the comms system during member reservations to help trouble shoot equipment if needed.

If members need guidance for pre, post, or production practices, please email us at to schedule a 30-minute 1:1 mentor session with one of our expert staff members. This time is included as part of your membership, and we are happy to help.


Member agrees to return rental equipment on time.  If equipment is not returned on time, DCM reserves the right to suspend all membership privileges until the equipment is returned.  If equipment is lost, stolen, returned damaged, or damaged while in use, DCM reserves the right to explore all options necessary to recover equipment and/or the cost of that equipment, including notification to the local authorities. If equipment is lost or stolen the producers’ card on file will be charged for the full costs of replacing the equipment.  Denver Community Media also reserves the right to impose disciplinary action for the untimely return of equipment as stated in this document, the Reservations and Cancelations Policy, and the DCM Member Services Agreement.

For more information, please review our Reservations Process and Policies.

Proof of Residency:

When a producer creates a member profile, signs up for a Denver Community Media membership and attends our new member orientation class (required for all new member/producers), they will need to provide documentation matching the street address provided on the membership registration form.  Denver Community Media will not retain copies of this address verification information but will keep the address on file in the member databaseProducers agree to notify Denver Community Media of any change of address and provide verification for this new residence.

There are many ways a producer can confirm their street address. Some of the information that can be used include:

  • State-issued driver’s license
  • State-issued photo ID card
  • State-issued benefit assistance card with photo and address
  • Other state or federal issued statements you wish to show for street address verification purposes

A producer can also bring in address verification documentation in the form of a prior month’s billing statement from any of these providers:

  • Cable, utility, cell phone, credit card, student loan, rent, retirement plan.
  • Vehicle or other types of Colorado registration.







Reservations Process & Policies

Take the class to reserve the resource!

To help producers make the best use of facilities and equipment and ensure the longevity and safe operation of the media tools available, member producers will be required to take an orientation and applicable certification classes prior to use of any facility or equipment.

Step 1: Take an Orientation

During orientation, we get to know the members and take a tour of the facility. Then we sit down together to discuss DCM policies, practices and production criteria that promote producer success and ensure the long-term viability of our program. We review DCM security policy, member liability and responsibility for the equipment and content submissions, how to obtain waivers and talent releases, copywrite and accountability, what is and isn’t considered non-commercial (DCM equipment and staff time can be used for non-commercial media content creation ONLY), underwriting, reserving equipment and we answer questions.

Sign up for Orientation here.

Step 2: Take the applicable Certification Class

All courses are kept to a 3-4 hour duration to make them affordable and accessible to all. Once members complete the applicable class, they are welcome to reserve the corresponding equipment. Education and skill development continues as members come onsite to continue learning through hands on experiences and DCM mentorship time (included in membership).

These classes allow us to waive any expensive liability insurance that would otherwise be required.

Step 3: Make the Reservation. Come onsite. Learn by doing.

Once a member producer completes training for a specific access facility space or piece of equipment, they are certified and can begin making facility and/or equipment reservations.

Field and mobile editing equipment reservations may be made up to thirty days in advance and used for the allotted time specified on the reservation form for each equipment type.  Field and editing equipment may be rented for up to one week. 

DCM Edit lab is first come, first served, and does not require a reservation. Any member may come onsite to use one of these Apple iMac computers when available.

A video editing class certification is not required to reserve a DCM edit bay or to rent an Apple MacBook Pro laptop. However, staff 1:1 time and mentorship help will not be available to those who do not have a basic understanding of video editing using either the Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve or Final Cut Pro editing software. If a member is asking for help with a basic skill that we teach in our video editing classes, that member will be asked to take the class before additional help will be provided.

Denver Community Media reserves the right to cancel reservations due to emergency situations. In the rare event that a cancellation is necessary, Denver Community Media will make every reasonable effort to reschedule the reservation.

Make your reservation online today! 

Studio Reservation:

Members take the studio class, learn how to operate the industry standard equipment and reserve studio time to utilize that equipment to tell their story. Staff are available for 30 minutes into your reservation time to help set up. After that, it's all you! Our goal is to empower you to produce content independently of staff help.

Members are expected to help with set up and take down. This time should be accounted for and included when you schedule your reservation.

Staff will be available via the comms system during your reservation to help trouble shoot equipment. Our collective goal is to keep staff costs down so we can keep memberships affordable and do our best to ensure members can utilize DCM's resources to learn and create their digital art.

Late Studio Arrival Time:

If you arrive late, we cannot extend your session and we will not start the production set up without you. We ask you to stick to the original scheduled time on your reservation. 

Being punctual ensures a smooth start to your production and allows our staff to give you the support you deserve during your designated time slot. 

Our goal is to make your DCM experience productive, and stress-free. By working together to stick to the schedule, we can help you create incredible content and foster a vibrant and supportive community at DCM.

No-Call No-Show Policy for All Access Members:

Effective August 15, 2023, All Access members with a confirmed reservation who do not show up for their reservation and do not call or email to let us know ahead of time will see an automatic charge of $10.00 on their member account. Payment of this fee is required to book future reservations.

Our collective goal is to keep staff costs down so we can keep memberships affordable and do our best to ensure members can utilize DCM's resources to learn or create their digital art. 

Field Equipment Reservations:

Take the class to reserve the resource. Sign up for our 3-hour basic Field Equipment Certification class here.

Equipment rental maximum reservation time is 1 week from the start of reservation. Equipment must be returned and inspected by DCM staff before additional reservation time is approved. To make a reservation, click here.

Field equipment may be picked up and returned/dropped off anytime during business hours (Tues through Fri 11am - 7pm and Sat 9am - 3pm) as scheduled through DCM reservation system and/or DCM staff. Your pick up and drop off time must be confirmed by staff to ensure a staff member is available to assist you. Plan for at least 30 minutes for pick up and 30 minutes for drop off. Show up on time. If a member shows up outside of the scheduled timeframe for pick up or drop off, they will be asked to return when a staff member is available and may be charged an additional day for the rental.  

Fees paid for equipment are non-refundable and non-transferable. Unused equipment rental fees may be applied to future reservations if cancelation is received by DCM staff with at least 24 hours notice. 

Same Day Reservations:

Same-day reservations can be accommodated for field equipment or edit bays on a resource available basis, but are not recommended. Try to plan your projects and resource usage at least a week ahead of time. Please note that Denver Community Media cannot guarantee the types and quantity of equipment that will be on hand or staff availability to accommodate last minute reservations.

DCM has a small staff and same day reservations are not guaranteed. If a member reservation is not paid and confirmed via email or telephone prior to the member’s onsite visit for pick up, the reservation will be considered a walk-in. Equipment check-out and check-in procedures take a minimum of 30 minutes for DCM staff to complete. If a staff member is not available when a member walk-in takes place, that member will be asked to come back at a later time and/or date.

Late Equipment Return and Pickup:

Requested equipment pickup and return times must be confirmed by DCM staff. Members are expected to give 24 hours notice if they are unable to pick up or return an item at the scheduled time by calling or emailing to notify DCM staff. If we do not answer, send and email to and leave a message. If Member is late in returning Equipment for a third time within six months, the Member’s Equipment check-out privileges may be suspended for up to six months.

If Equipment is not returned within 48 hours after the designated check-in time, and staff have not been notified of the late return, the Equipment will be considered lost or stolen.

If equipment is returned late without notice to DCM staff, the Member will be charged the full cost of a one-day rental for every item in their possession. Rental privileges will be suspended for two weeks for every day the equipment is late without notice.

Member acknowledges and agrees that their card will be kept on file and automatically charged for additional day(s) if Equipment is not returned on time.

For All Access members: late charges are not included in your All Access membership and additional charges will apply.

The member account will be charged for the additional rental days and any late fees. Member Services will be suspended until the amount is paid in full.


Equipment Rental: Late Fee (per day): Cost for Replacement If Not Returned:

Edit laptop rental



DSLR Camera



Camera Lenses






RodeCaster Production Console






Light Kit



 Zoom H6 Handy Recorder $15.00 $300.00







DSLR Camera Package



Camcorder Package



No Shows:

When a member is more than 30 minutes late to claim their equipment or facilities without giving notice to staff, that member is considered a “No Show.”

Studio Reservations are guaranteed for 30 minutes after the scheduled check out time (unless notice is given to staff).

Equipment Reservations are guaranteed for 15 minutes after the scheduled check out time.

If the equipment has not been picked up or facility check in has not been made within the timeframes listed above, the equipment/facilities will be put back into circulation.

A member who “no calls, no shows” will be considered to have committed a minor violation and undergo the appropriate loss of privileges proceedings. 

Fees paid for facility and equipment rentals are non-refundable and non-transferable. Unused equipment rental fees may be applied to future reservations if cancelation is received by DCM staff with at least 24 hours notice. 


Equipment Cancellations should be made at least 24 business hours prior to reservation.

To cancel a reservation:

 Refund Policy:

All memberships, registrations, rental and reservation fees are non-refundable. No refunds will be issued for cancellations. DCM will issue a credit to your member/customer account if registration, rental or reservation is cancelled at least 24 business hours in advance. No refunds, credits or transfers will be given if registration, rental or reservation is cancelled within 24 hours of event or activity.

All $2 and $5 reservation fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

DCM reserves the right to cancel/postpone any training/class due to inclement weather, low enrollment, CDC mandates, or extenuating circumstances. A full refund will be given if a program/activity is cancelled by DCM.

Refunds may occur via:

  • Credit Card (if same card is used for original purchase)
  • Check (allows up to 4 weeks for processing)
  • DCM customer account (credits forfeited after 1 year)

To request cancellation of an activity or program, please: email

No refunds will be given for unused membership time.

Liabilities for Equipment Use:

It is the responsibility of the borrowing producer to be sure that the equipment is in good working order upon pickup and return. When you check out the equipment you will sign a checklist stating that you agree that the equipment you are receiving is accounted for and in good working condition. Members are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement due to damage, misuse or theft. Members must have an up-to-date credit or debit card on file to reserve and rent Equipment. Membership privileges will be revoked immediately until lost or damaged equipment is paid for.  

Responsibility of Borrowing Producer:

Producer agrees to take full responsibility for equipment in their possession and must take every precaution to protect the equipment in their car, including best practices of:

  • Never leave equipment or production materials unattended. Never leave equipment visible through car or van windows; cover it up or put it in the trunk. Never leave equipment in a car overnight.
  • Never allow anyone to operate, handle, or borrow equipment except certified DCM members.
  • Never attempt to operate equipment in locations or under conditions which appear unsafe or where equipment could be damaged (in the rain).

If Equipment Is Stolen:

  1. Notify DCM immediately.
  2. File a police report. Provide law officers with specifics related to the incident.
  3. As soon as possible, provide DCM a brief written report containing all the relevant details including copies of the police reports.

For Technical Problems:

Should you experience any technical problems with DCM equipment or facilities that are not caused by operator error and affect the outcome of your production, please notify a staff member.

Producer acknowledges that the equipment being rented is for a community benefit and has been used by other parties. Denver Community Media adheres to safety protocols, including the cleaning and sanitizing of such equipment upon return and prior to check out.  While Denver Community Media abides by these safety protocols, producer acknowledges the potential risk in the use of community equipment. Producer may engage in additional sanitation so long as the operation and functionality of the equipment is not impaired.



Programming Process & Policies

Programming Policy/Scheduling

A membership to Denver Community Media is not necessary to submit content for air. Colorado residents who want to submit programming content to the Denver Community Media Access Channels are required to sign and submit a DCM Program Submission Form and Programming Agreement Form.

Submit a Program Online!


Priority for scheduling is given to programs produced by Colorado residents. Among these programs, priorities for cablecasting are based on date of submission. 

DCM reserves the discretionary right to schedule programming of community interest and relevance and also to preempt programs for live or special event coverage for timely activities happening in the community. Producers will be informed of any scheduling conflicts via email. 

Denver Community Media will not pre-screen the content of any submitted program(s), but may view portions of a show to ensure that technical standards are met, or if staff are made aware of a programming violation. 

Programming Rights

Denver Community Media producers may submit their individual or group media projects for distribution on the Denver Community Media distribution channels.

Programs submitted for cablecast and/or streaming on the Public Access Channel(s) and media platforms are the property of the producer of record. The producer of record is identified as Producer on the DCM Programming Agreement. 

Each submitted project needs to have a corresponding, signed DCM Program Submission Form from the program producer(s). 

Compensation for Channel Time

Members are not allowed to barter or sell channel time nor receive compensation in exchange for allowing others to participate in their projects or appear on DCM. These are considered commercial practices. Blatant violation of this policy warrants an immediate suspension of a member’s privileges.

Time Slots

While Denver Community Media cannot guarantee dates and times for cablecast, Producers may request certain days and times for their programming to air. Denver Community Media will prioritize these requests, but it will remain within the sole discretion of DCM when to air these programs. 

It is our goal to provide diversity of programming and equitable distribution of channel time. Submissions from a single program provider shall not monopolize channel time. Individual programs of all lengths and genres can be submitted as the schedule allows. DCM has discretion to schedule submitted content in a time slot that is appropriate for its content and target audience.  

● A regular series time slot can be requested by a member when their content is fully prepared to be submitted. 

● If made in advance, a request for a timeslot change can be considered as the schedule allows at the time of the review. 

● Staff will notify program providers about their confirmed timeslots. 

Safe Harbor Scheduling

Denver Community Media will support all forms of expression on cable television in accordance with FCC regulations and other relevant laws. Therefore, Denver Community Media will ask producers to identify if the submission contains adult content as defined by the FCC online at Such identified programming will air between 10:30 p.m. until 5 a.m. Failure to properly identify submissions will result in the program being pulled from DCM distribution platforms.


DCM reserves the right to place a disclaimer before, during, and after any program that, as indicated by the program provider or in the best judgment of DCM staff to advise viewers discretion for the program and will indicate that responsibility for the content of the program lies with the program provider and not with DCM or the cable provider.

Political Campaigning

Everyone in the community has equal access to DCM facilities and channel time. There is no equal time rule for cable television. It’s the responsibility of the political candidates or those working on their behalf to become DCM members, submit programming, and if interested, produce programs to be shown on DCM’s channels.

It’s DCM’s responsibility to provide an open political forum. DCM considers election programming to commence with certification of candidates for the ballot and to end on Election Day.

DCM has no responsibility to produce programming for candidates simply because another candidate requests resources.

Political Programming:

● DCM will not endorse political candidates.

● A candidate who appears in a program will be considered a guest of that program and the candidate’s appearance does not represent an endorsement by DCM.

● A candidate who wishes to produce their own program on DCM is subject to the same operating procedures as all DCM content providers. Political candidates may express partisan views and opinions on DCM, but candidates cannot use a DCM program as a fundraising solicitation.

Technical requirements:

Producers may submit their content via common file transfer services: Hightail, Wetransfer, etc. Producers may also share links from cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Please send share requests to An alternate method may be to drop off an external drive to our location during normal DCM business hours. The programs will be transferred at a later time and the media will then be made available for a return to the Producer, by arranging a pick-up time for the external drive. DCM does not accept links to streaming services (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.), DVDs or videotape.

Denver Community Media will not pre-screen the content of any submitted program(s), but may view portions of a show to ensure that technical standards are met.

Denver Community Media reserves the right to reject any program that does not meet minimum technical standards outlined on the Programming Request and Agreement form. Should the submission not meet technical requirements, Denver Community Media will notify the producer of the reason the submission could not be accepted.

Content Restrictions:

Video Content shall not contain the following restricted content:

  • Solicitation, advertising, bartering, or promotion of commercial products, services or transactions;
  • Material that is slanderous, libelous, an invasion of privacy, incites violence towards an individual or group or is otherwise unlawful;
  • Material concerning lottery information, gift enterprise, or similar scheme;
  • Unlawful use of material requiring union residual, or other payment including but not limited to talent and crew;
  • Unlawful use of material that is copyrighted or subject to ownership or royalty rights, right of publicity, or other payment; or
  • Material that the City reasonably believes contains obscene content, including but not limited to sexual intercourse, sodomy, masturbation, sadism, masochism, excretion, or lewd exhibition of genitals.

Privacy Policy

Denver Community Media is committed to protecting your privacy and securing any personal information provided to us. Personal information submitted voluntarily to us through online web forms, email subscriptions, and messages, or interactive web-based applications will be used for resident verification purposes, to respond to your messages or requests, and for membership management and usage tracking. DCM does not sell, rent, exchange, or otherwise disclose information we collect to outside organizations or persons not associated with Denver Community Media.

This information is not reported or used in any manner that would reveal personally identifiable information without your permission.  It will not be released to any outside parties unless we are legally required to do so.

In some instances, we may host content on a third-party site. Your activity on those third-party sites is governed by the security and privacy policies of the third-party sites.

Certain web-based applications or features on require users to create an account to access full functionality or restricted areas of the site. Account creation requires users to provide a valid email address, first and last name, current mailing address, phone number, birthdate and gender. [WCM-TCA1] 

Denver Community Media may link to websites created and maintained by other public and/or private organizations. We provide these links as a service to our users at our discretion. When you follow a link to an external site, you leave and are no longer subject to our privacy and security policies but those of the externally hosted website. Denver Community Media does not endorse any external site, the views they express, or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of information contained in an externally linked site.

We take several precautions to protect our site, including information collected or voluntarily submitted to We utilize industry-standard technology practices and technical controls to protect your information and the integrity of our site. For example, we encrypt the transfer of personal information over the Internet via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), using firewalls and intrusion detection systems to safeguard your personal information. Our controls also include, but are not limited to, maintaining strict technical procedures to ensure the integrity of systems and data on We routinely review our processes and systems to verify compliance with City requirements, industry best practices and the highest level of security standards.

Producer Sponsorships & Channel Time

Denver Community Media accepts community-driven content from producers.  DCM cannot accept content that is commercial in nature or that promotes commercial products or services.

Producers may seek support for their programs through sponsorship or underwriting. Acceptable underwriting methods follow the PBS model and FCC guidelines and can be found here(PDF, 193KB).

Time on the community access channels is available to Colorado residents and DCM members free of charge. Sponsors are prohibited from receiving compensation from individuals in exchange for appearing on a public access channel. Channel time may not be bartered or sold.


Code of Conduct

Denver Community Media staff is responsible for the safe and proper utilization of the facilities and equipment. All visitors to Denver Community Media facilities are required to check in. The facilities are being made available for appointments, checking out equipment, or attending a Denver Community Media class, shoot or event. All facility users and guests use Denver Community Media facilities or services and equipment at your own risk. 

Member/Producers are responsible for their invitees behavior and will ensure that their invitees comply with all Denver Community Media policies as amended.  If members or their invitees do not comply with all policies as amended, their membership may be suspended or terminated and they and their invitees may be asked to leave.

We ask that all Denver Community Media community Producers and their invitees refrain from the following behaviors while at our facilities:

  • Bringing pets or other non-service animals to the facility
  • Attendance by persons under the age of 18 years to the facility, unless supervised
  • Possessing food or beverages in any restricted areas
  • Using or dispensing of marijuana within premises
  • Using or dispensing of alcohol within premises
  • Using or dispensing of any illegal substance within the premises
  • Possession of any weapon, explosive, or other dangerous material
  • Conduct, intentional or unintentional, that could or does result in physical injury to others and/or destruction of property
  • Theft or attempted theft of personal belonging, supplies or equipment
  • Entering or attempting to enter locked offices, areas, or records, and/or unauthorized use of any office, computers, or other equipment
  • Physical violence, or the threat of physical violence
  • Activities or conduct which disrupt the activities or operations of Denver Community Media or the ability of others to conduct business
  • Harassment, including sexual harassment, of any employee, user, or guest
  • Activities that may result in unsafe or unsanitary conditions
  • Any other inappropriate behavior as determined by Denver Community Media at its sole discretion, including interactions with staff and other community members.

Loss of Privileges

To ensure that the equipment and facilities remain available and in good working order, the following rules have been established. Upon verifying that a rule violation has occurred, the Community Media Access Coordinator will issue a written statement to the producer describing the rule violation and sanctions to be imposed.

Minor Violations Include (but are not limited to):

  • Reserving or checking out equipment for another producer unless otherwise specified and approved by a staff member.
  • Failure to vacate production facilities by the end of the reservation time without authorized extension.
  • Late return of equipment (more than 30 minutes) without staff notification and approval.
  • Return of equipment in disarray and unkempt condition or improper packaging of equipment for transport.
  • Operation of equipment or use of facilities in an incorrect, unsafe, or inappropriate manner, which might result in damage.
  • Using DCM resources for solicitation, for any purpose, including asking for money, contributions or donations unless such activity has been approved by the CMAC.
  • Using DCM’s logo, branding, identity or intellectual property without expressed written permission from the CMAC.
  • Possession of food or drinks in the areas of DCM with production or editing equipment, with the exception of capped water bottles stored on the floor, or water for guests.
  • No smoking inside of the building.
  • Behaving in a disrespectful manner while at DCM or while participating in a DCM event.
  • Failure to maintain current file and contact information up-to-date, or failure to respond to important correspondence from staff.
  • Other such actions which may be deemed disruptive to the effective operations of DCM.

Violations remain on record for twelve months.

Minor violations will result in the following series of actions within a one-year period:

  •  A documented verbal warning for the 1st minor violation
  • Written warning for the 2nd minor violation

  • 30-Day suspension of member privileges for the 3rd violation

  • Permanent suspension of member privileges for the 4th violation

Major Violations:

Major violations can result in an immediate, permanent suspension of membership. These include (but are not limited to):

    • Using DCM equipment for the purpose of making a profit, including charging guests or covering events for profit or commercial purposes.
    • A producer representing him / herself as a staff member of DCM.
    • Attempted equipment maintenance or disassembly.
    • Changing the wiring/cabling of any DCM area without specific authorization in advance by DCM staff.
    • Removal of equipment from the equipment storage area without proper checkout procedures and/or without signing a checkout contract.
    • Checking out equipment for use by a non-certified producer, or for a producer on suspension.
    • Return of equipment in damaged or unworkable condition, or failure to return equipment through intent, negligence, loss, or theft.
    • Abuse or vandalism of DCM equipment and facilities.
    • Behaving in a violent, disruptive or threatening manner or repeatedly behaving in a disrespectful manner to DCM staff, volunteers or other producers/members.
    • Using or possessing alcohol or controlled substances at DCM.
    • Possession, use, or sale of illegal drugs, weapons or contraband.
    • Falsifying your physical address.
    • Repeated minor violations.

    Right to Refuse Service

    DCM staff reserves the right to refuse access to its facilities and equipment to anyone who:
    • Appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs or may otherwise endanger the health and well-being of staff and other members
    • Owes any past due amounts to DCM for damaged, lost or stolen equipment
    • Behaves in a fashion that is detrimental to other facility users, and/or staff
    • Has intentionally violated policies and procedures
    • Has deliberately presented false or misleading information to staff
    • Is disrespectful of other member/guest or staff member
    • Appears onsite at DCM in an undressed state defined as: Nudity or partial nudity is defined in Denver Municode Sec. 7-156. – “Definitions” and shall mean appearing in an undressed state ranging from complete exposure of genitals, buttocks, or the female breast to wearing some limited clothing such as g-strings, thong bikinis (top or bottom), pasties, or similar items designed to provide minimal coverage for those human body areas around and including the genitals, buttocks, or female breast.
    • Commits an act of indecent exposure:  A person commits an act of indecent exposure if they knowingly expose their genitals or buttocks to the view of any person under circumstances which are likely to cause a reasonable person affront or alarm.
DCM reserves the right to shut down any onsite production or activity that is not in compliance with these or any other provisions.

Appeal Rights

Individuals who wish to appeal disciplinary decisions resulting from violations of Denver Community Media policies may submit an appeal to the Access Manager. This must occur within thirty days of the decision.

For cases involving Denver Community Media partner facilities, submit requests, in writing, to the Access Manager, who will consult with the Program Manager.

The Access Manager will seek to respond to the appeal within forty-five days. Any restrictions will remain in effect pending the outcome of an appeal.

An individual who wishes to appeal the decision of the Access Manager, may write to the Director of Programs and Administration (the "Director) within thirty days of the Access Manager's decision.

The Director will aim to respond within forty-five days.

The Director's decision is final.



Accessibility Accommodations

It is Denver Community Media’s policy to provide reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. If you require reasonable accommodations when visiting the Denver Community Media offices, please contact the Community Media Access Coordinator at (720) 337-4200 or by email at

ADA Website Compliance:

All City vendors and city products are Required to be WCAG 2.0 AA compliant in all public-facing digital experiences. The City is required to perform/obtain automated accessibility testing and manual accessibility testing prior to launch and subsequently each year.

Validation, Review and Remediation:

Manual testing will be performed by certified third party vendors that notify the City when its digital experience is ready for City review and validation. The City will then validate, prior to launch and each term year thereafter, to confirm that the digital experience is compliant with the Guidelines. Manual testing of the Contractor’s digital experience will be verified by City with approved vendors and individuals of varying disabilities which shall include individuals who are blind, deaf or hard of hearing, and who have mobility or dexterity limitations. Upon completion of all testing, a review will be performed by the City’s web accessibility coordinator to confirm completion of all accessibility requirements.

Facility Compliance:

The Denver Community Media Center (CMC) facility has been inspected by a third party ADA Accessibility Specialist and is in compliance with ADA Title II requirements.


Social Media Policy

Programs submitted by members may be redistributed on DCM social media channels in their entirety or in edited segments. Producers can and are encouraged to promote their own DCM shows and programs on social media sites.

Due to the nature of the internet, interaction with DCM social media channels is done at your own risk, without the expectation of privacy. Any action taken on social media, regardless of privacy settings, is a public action. All content provided to social media platforms may be publicly visible and tracked by third parties.

Though DCM cannot control the actions of other users on social media, members found using social media to harass, intimidate, or otherwise harm other members or staff will be considered in violation of DCM polices and subject to disciplinary proceedings.

When live streaming to social media at DCM, members must obtain from permission anyone who may appear in a live stream. You may not livestream someone without their consent.

Members who misrepresent their Denver Community Media affiliation or membership status via social media may be subject to suspension of membership privileges.


Membership Agreement

To view the most recent updates for DCM's Membership Agreement as of March 12th, 2024, click here: 

DCM-Member-Agreement.pdf(PDF, 199KB)

Programming Agreement

To view the most recent updates for DCM's Programming Agreement as of March 12th, 2024, click here:

DCM-Programming-Agreement.pdf(PDF, 205KB)