Denver Community Media

We are an inclusive media landscape that fosters dynamic interaction and produces a wealth of diverse, quality content.

Our program is for passionate, community-minded individuals who want an outlet for creative expression and a support team of people telling them that nothing stands in their way. Denver Community Media is an affordable, accessible multimedia option that empowers individuals to share their content.

We give you access to media training, equipment, and a platform for creation in a centrally located, collaborative space — all the tools you need to finally stop making excuses and bring your story to life. Because at Denver Community Media, it's our job to remove the static and encourage you to just hit record.

Podcast Studio

Explore our state-of-the-art Podcast Studio. Equipped with all your podcasting needs.

  • HDTV video podcast studio
  • Talent support with Teleprompter and remote production control pad
  • Live call-in Skype caller integration
  • Live stream and live cablecast

Podcast Studio Information

table at podcast studio with microphones

Film/Broadcast Studio

Our main studio has all you need for film and broadcast projects!

  • HDTV production studio
  • Talent support with Teleprompter and IFB
  • Green room access
  • Multi-track audio recording with ProTools post-production workflow
  • And more!

Main Studio Information

cameraman and producer working in main studio
Let Your Ideas Find Their Life