Edit Lab and Edit Bays

Edit Lab - Drop-in To Edit Anytime!

Once Orientation is complete, members have access to the DCM workspaces and edit lab computers. The edit lab is first come, first served, and does not require a reservation. Drop-in to edit anytime, all the time (during operating hours of course). Our Apple iMac computers are fully equipped for video editing with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud, and DaVinci Resolve software installed.

Edit Bay Rental

Edit Bay E and Edit Bay F are first come, first served for walk-ins, but can still be reserved online to guarantee availability. Each Suite is equipped with an Apple MacPro Tower and monitor, surround sound A&H audio speakers, and two QC monitors. The suites are available for on-line editing including multi-cam edits, color grading, motion graphics, and audio mix-down. Equipped with Final Cut Pro, Motion, Adobe Creative Cloud including Premiere and After Effects, Pro Tools (Edit Bay F) and DaVinci Resolve.


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