Before checking out any equipment, Community Producers must first complete the DCM Orientation Class, and appropriate certification classes for studio production, editing and field equipment. For more information, please contact the Access Coordinator at 720-337-4200.

All reservations are approved by the Access Coordinator and confirmed by email. Reservations are not final until confirmation has been received from the Access Coordinator. All reservations are by appointment only. 

Rental Rates

Rental Item Price Time Period Reserve Online! 
Daily Edit Laptop Rental $30 24 Hours Reserve Daily Edit Laptop
Weekly Edit Laptop Rental $120 7 Days Reserve Weekly Edit Laptop
Sony A7s DSLR Camera Rental $30 24 Hours Reserve DSLR Camera
Camera Lenses Rental $20 24 Hours Reserve Camera Lenses
Panasonic DVX-200 Camcorder Rental $50 24 Hours Reserve Camcorder
All Inclusive Equipment Rental Package $102 24 Hours Reserve All Inclusive Equipment Package 
GoPro Camera Rental $20 24 Hours Reserve GoPro
Light Kit Rental $30 24 Hours Reserve Light Kit
Microphone Rental $2 24 Hours Reserve Microphone
Tripod Rental $15 24 Hours Reserve Tripod
DSLR & Camcorder Shoulder Mount $15 24 Hours Reserve Shoulder Mount
Studio Rental $50 2 Hours Reserve Main Studio
Digital Studio Rental $25 2 Hours Reserve Digital Studio
Edit Bay Room Rental $5 1 Hour Reserve Edit Bay Room
Edit Lab Drop-in $2 1 Hour Reserve Edit Lab Drop-In